About us

Steel Hub Company helps Customers develop their businesses in coated steel industry, making a contribution to the development of the construction sphere in Ukraine

Steel Hub history

Steel Hub was started in August 2018 years by the team of specialists in the distribution of steel with coatings and ready products. in Kyiv city,, Ukraine.

The company is an independent trader, supplying steel of various manufacturers. This independence guarantees, that the company offers optimal and most appropriate solutions to customer needs in terms of product quality, conformity to specification, financial conditions, service.

The company is developing dynamically and offers a wide range of coated steel products for the construction industry in Ukraine and the CIS countries.. Due to highly qualified staff and long-term relationships with leading suppliers in the industry, The company can offer a solution for any market segment and application of coated steel.

Steel Hub is focused on developing long-term relationships with customers., acting not only as a supplier of products, but also providing procurement function outsourcing services, as well as technical and marketing consulting for key customers. The company tends to joint development of customers’ businesses in the sphere of supply and processing of polymer-coated steel in Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Among partners of the Company – there are largest operators of the market for finished products from prepainted steel in Ukraine. Those are producers of metal tiles, , trapezoidal profiles, flat sheet and accessories, sandwich panels with various types of insulation, metal gutter systems, drywall and window profiles, frames and light structures suppliers.

Steel Hub tends to take a leading position in the target markets both by sales volumes among independent traders, and by brand recognition and consumer-perceived value of cooperation with the Company.

Offering effective solutions for consumers, the company contributes to the development of the construction industry and the steel market in particular.

Steel Hub in the modern market

Steel Hub’s philosophy is to build long-term relationships with key operators of the target markets, directed at sustainable development of the client’s business.

Availability of a team of highly qualified specialists, with deep technical knowledge, as well as extensive experience in local markets in the regions where the Company operates, allows us to develop the closest relationships with producers and consumers, that is a vital requirement in the world of commerce. Apart from that, wide market coverage allows us to provide customers with optimal solutions, using economies of scale and connecting consumers and sellers in different parts of the world.

Steel Hub Company combine an individual approach to the business of each client, backed by deep industry expertise and commitment to common goals, values ​​and development strategy.

The quality of our Team and established long-term relationships – this is the foundation of our strategy and the subject for pride. These attributes combined with our knowledge of customers and suppliers., as well as a wide assortment give us a competitive advantage in the target markets.

The key to Steel Hub success is an effective strategy, allowing us to effectively and flexibly adapt to new market conditions, and respond quickly to any changes.

Our Team

Evgeny Kozlov

Partner of Steel Hub. He has 15 years of experience in management large industrial and trading companies in the coated steel market in Ukraine. Worked in leading commercial positions at market leading companies. – such, as “TPK”, “Metals and Polymers”, GC “Stalex”, “Module Ukraine”. Specialization: Strategic management, Marketing and Sales.

Alexander Tereshchenko

Partner of Steel Hub. He has deep knowledge and experience in building supply chains and managing the marketing mix in the market for steel products with coatings. He has many years of experience in the organisation of foreign trade operations, established relationships with key operators of the metallurgical market in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Specialization: Procurement management, Foreign-trade operations.

Vladimir Gitko

Partner of Steel Hub. Has more, than 20 years of experience in management commercial and manufacturing business in the market of flat steel with coatings and ferrous metal. He supervised introduction of control systems and automation of production, management accounting and planning, etc.. Specialization: Operational management, Financial management.